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*Please note the purple plastic princess shoes that she insisted on wearing out in the snow.

While out to eat:
Munchkin Number 2: Mom. There's a cop over there.

Cowgirl: I know. They have to eat too, it's okay that they are here. (Thinking, WHY? WHY does my child already have the whole "Cops are bad" attitude?!)

Munchkin Number 2: There's ANOTHER cop! (Pointing)

Cowgirl: You know, I think they prefer being called Police Officers.

Munchkin Number 2: *Shrugs*

In the car on the way home:
Munchkin Number 2: Mom? What kind of food do they serve in jail?

Cowgirl: I guess whatever they make that day. (Wondering where the hell this conversation is going...)

Munchkin Number 2: I'm going to ask Teenage Angst.

Cowgirl: Teenage Angst has never been to jail.

Munchkin Number 2: Well, she's been ARRESTED!
Munchkin Number 2: Mom? I'm too young to go to juvie right?

Cowgirl: (OMG. DON'T LAUGH. DON'T LAUGH.) Well, probably. It's for older kids who get in trouble.

Munchkin Number 2: Well then. I don't have worry about the LAW.

Cowgirl: Put your seatbelt on.



Kelly Hogaboom said...

My six year old has been obsessed with "drunk", alcohol, booze. Very studiously researching it.

Anonymous said...

Just spent the last hour or so in your company, so I thought I'd say hello. You're good, Kate! Thank you for sharing.

Shelley said...

Love those kinds of conversations!

Lemon Gloria said...


After my mom got her first and only ticket ever for going one mile over the speed limit, she started referring to the police as "pigs." My brother was a kid at that point, and my dad was all, "You're going to give him a bad attitude."

clearness said...

That's too funny.

Anytime I'm out with the kids and the police happens to be wherever we are, I try to introduce myself and have the kids to the same.

Can do mom said...

What a hoot! You have to wonder what's going on in their minds sometime.

My oldest two seem to have a grasp on being members of a law-abiding society but my youngest... He's got me a little concerned!