Pink Drinks

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Captain Crab was in town tonight. When he is here, I usually meet him for drinks. Apparently, he drinks martinis now. I have pink drinks. 7Up and Cranberry Juice. The bartender wanted to know if I wanted it in a "fancy glass" or a "regular pop glass." What? I have no illusions about what I'm drinking. And I want no pretense. Pop glass it is. I think that's weird. People thinking I want other people to think I'm drinking alcohol. No thank you.

But Captain Crab makes me smile. And it was a good panacea for my current bout with The Crazy. He asked me why there were no pictures of the Fertile Crescent so far this year. It didn't even occur to me that you Internettians didn't know I had put it in. And that's been part of this descent into depression. I put it in, knowing that it would help me, but I'm not excited like I have been in years past. I dig in the dirt and I hope for some peace, but it hasn't been forthcoming. But I keep doing it because I know it's what I need, right?

So, here's a picture. I have radishes, beets, snow peas, a roma tomato plant, a cherry tomato plant, a Lemon Boy, an Ultimate Opener and Green Sausage tomato plants, summer squash, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, basil, oregano, chives, lavender, and nastursiums. I planted lettuce as well. We shall see. My pepper plant has already been decimated by something that stomped on it.

When I took inventory, I realized that my closet vomiting my clothes all over my bedroom, my lack of vacuuming, the dishes piled in the sink; these are all symptoms of my inability to manage life right now. And Chakra Queen was right. It was time to reassess and take action. I'm feeling better. My clothes are put away. I have done most of the dishes and I finally cleaned. Some. Not all. But some.

And school is okay.

I'm going to be fine. I know this intellectually, but I'm hard pressed to accept it emotionally.


Ink Spiller said...

As my accidental veggie garden (tomatoes in my compost heap and pumpkins that sprouted from a jack of lantern left to decay) is coming into sleepy time yours is just about to burst into life. I envy you. :)

The intellect is easier to convince than the emotions - this is what I've found.

Baby steps that take an enormous amount of effort but when you manage to do something, like clearing a path to your bed where there was previously a kaleidoscope like mess of clothing it makes you feel like you've really done something marvelous. Best of all you did it for yourself not someone else.

The whole depression thing, it's hard to find a reason or a purpose for it, but one thing's for sure, you're not alone walking down that particular road although sometimes that's not exactly an uplifting thought.

Hang in there Katie-kins. Summer is coming and so the light at the end of a long dark winter and it brings with it all the perks of summer.

Hugs from a rainy Sydney!

Helen said...

I sometimes put a plain drink in a fancy glass because it makes me feel fancy - not because I'm trying to create an illusion. I love drinking gingerale out of a champagne goblet for example. Fancy. I like it.

You've got lots of stuff planted there. Just think of all the yumminess forthcoming!

Summer said...

I like fancy glasses. I like just about anything pink. I like the word Internettians. I like your gardening pictures. You are the reason I started a garden this year. I will probably message you the first meal I prepare from it. Point is, you are an inspiration and I thank God that I met you on the Internets.

carrster said...

Ooh - the garden looks great. Are you writing notes in your new garden journal?? :)

I am about to embark on starting a lasagna garden. We'll see what happens!!

lacochran's evil twin said...

I have a relative who orders seltzer with lime at gatherings because it looks like she's drinking a gin & tonic. Go figger.

I'm with you. No pretense.

Anonymous said...

It's okay to have a fancy glass here and there. It's like fancy shoes with jeans. Sometimes it's just a little bit of sass. But you didn't want one and that's all right.

Lemon Gloria said...

The garden and the getting organized are very good signs. I'm glad, Kate!

Captain Crab said...

that was one of the worst martinis I have ever had, but it was a wonderful time with K8