Fertile Crescent 2011 July Edition

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It's growing and green.

I'll show you the disappointments first. The snow peas. I planted them on all sides of the tiki trellis, but only one side grew. I've eaten maybe 10 of them?
Aaaand the radishes. It got too hot, too fast and they bolted. Lots of bug eaten greenery and no roots. Ever wicked and rash, I yanked those babies up and put them in the compost pile. I'll plant some more in the fall.
Onto pleasanter things. My Yellow Boys.
Ultimate Openers.
Last minute pepper plants I got for a quarter.
Lettuce. Eaten every day last week. I figured I better harvest it before the heat wave came and fried it. I'll keep it watered and see if it grows back again, but I have my doubts in this week long 100 degree swelter-fest.
Spaghetti Squash. You should see it today. It's wilted. And I fear it may have gotten the same wood bores that it got last year. We shall see. It's too hot to go out and look at right now.
Cucumbers! It's my first time growing them. I never liked them. Cowgirl kept feeding them to me last summer in all kinds of creamy ranch dressings and milk and sugar and yuck. But this spring, when I was cooking at Tallgrass, they needed a salad, so I mixed up what they had on hand; tomatoes, red onion and sliced cucumbers in a balsamic vinaigrette with tons of sea salt and black pepper and voila! I LOVE cucumbers!
See? I already have one.
This passel of leaves gives me...
This. Delightful. The pole beans were quite stringy last year, so I did bush beans this year, and after New Life Dad brought me some fencing to keep the baby rabbits out, they are flourishing. I was willing to give the rabbits the cabbage last year, but I will not sacrifice the beans.
My first harvest of Chiogga Beets. They were delightful, boiled, skinned and sliced into my salad last week. They are small, but were in danger of bolting also. I still have a ton in the ground to get fat and sleek.
Chives. I've never grown them before. I'm not sure what to put them in. I think I've only ever had them in cottage cheese.
I still don't feel like writing. So I took Melissa Lion's suggestion and gave you pictures instead.


Malaise Inc said...

I had wanted to do a big garden this year, but never got around to making one. At this point, I am glad. We have had three straight weeks of 100+ degree weather and have (at least) another week of such heat ahead of us.

carrster said...

Looks absolutely beautiful, Kate. The beans I am uber jealous of. we planted some bush beans in our neighbors garden this year - I hope that we get some good ones. I could eat beans all day long. :)

I am also wilting. There's no way it should be this hot/humid next to the big lake. No way. I'm in denial.

Shelley said...

You are such a good gardener. Although I don't know what "bolting" means, I'm taking it to not be a good thing(Martha).

And hey, you wrote caption for the pictures. That counts!

Jen said...

Wow, it really grew this summer! And look at you eating all your goodies. I wish I liked veggies more.

Helen said...

I am very impressed with what you do in that little space. I have got some cucumber salad recipes that are so good - email me if you want them and I'll pass them on to you!

Chives... delicious sprinkled on baked potatoes, or chopped into potato and pasta salads. Yum.

artemisia said...

Yummy, yummy. I have yet to brave a garden. I am sooooooo bad at keeping anything green alive.

I love your garden. That lettuce looks awesome. What kind is it?

Anonymous said...

This post made me hungry.